The Julio From New York Show 2.0 Episode 134: Leveling Up

(Originally posted on April 29, 2020)

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Show Notes:

  • Got my desk, chair, and mat set up and am ready to rock and roll
  • Am really making strides to use iPad Pro more
  • Had a little trek to get Sonos Beam set up
    • Looking forward to having surround sound
    • Getting more integrated in Apple ecosystem:
    • Got new Apple TV 4K
    • Going to use iCloud Drive in lieu of DropBox
    • Switching over to Podcast App
      • Going to listen to more comedy podcasts than politics as I need a break from current state of affairs
    • Using Apple Suite instead of MS Office
    • Utilizing Safari more and setting up Keychain with passwords
    • iBooks in lieu of audiobooks and kindle
  • News Chunk
    • Nothing this time around
  • Entertainment Chunk:
    • Rewatched “Silverado” and “A Fish Called Wanda” with a coworkers via Kast app
    • Enjoying K-On!
    • Enjoying Prince Connect! Re: Dive
    • Friends have a new podcast out: Queens Grid