The Julio From New York Show 2.0 Episode 137: Spam?! Me?! Never?!

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Show Notes:

  • Have all files uploaded to
  • Had an issue for a bit where I was flagged as spam
  • Going to give Firefox another chance
  • Was going back and forth with Gmail vs ProtonMail but decided on an alternative
  • Was thinking about going back to Microsoft 365 for storage plan but decided against it
  • Going to minimize my storage consumption on phone to see if I can live with a smaller model
    • Already restored and set up as new
    • Currently at 30GB in use
  • Wanted to contemplate on recent events Riots and dissension in the streets due to police brutality
  • Entertainment Chunk:
    • Watched an episode of “Dear..”
    • Still binge watching Betty La Fea