The Julio From New York Show 2.0 Episode 135: Love Surround Sound

(Originally posted on May 4, 2020)

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Show Notes:

  • Recording this show on iPad Pro to test out Ferrite again
  • Forgot to mention KATG weekend last episode
  • Deleted all my social networks from my devicesThe disingenuous quality of trying to connect with people to create relationships is becoming more obviousI’m feeling inadequate and less relevant with each interaction
    • Prefer keeping in touch with small IRL social Network that I’ve accumulated
    • Dating apps and reddit are yielding no results
    • Just going to accept solitude and try to become productive
  • Got a new standing desk, sitting down all day is taking its toll
  • Got new iPad Pro Magic Keyboard (couldn’t resist the allure)
  • Finally set up surround sound with Sonos speakers 
  • News ChunkNothing this time around
  • Entertainment Chunk:Caught up on “The Last Dance” Documentary and can’t wait for the next episodesSaw Louis CK special
    • Chris D’Elia “No Pain”
    • Saw season finale of Zooey’s Extraordinary Playlist