The Julio From New York Show 2.0: Episode 78

Show Notes:

  • It’s Official: Back in School!!!

  • New MacBook Air is having the keyboard issues

  • Full computer works best for registration

  • Cancelled Netflix

  • Thinking about selling my iPhone XS Max (may go for XR or One Plus 6T)

  • Saw Deadly Class!

  • Back on The Goldbergs

  • Season 2 of The Orville is on (popular character leaves)

The Julio From New York Show 2.0: Episode 20

(Originally posted on 05/22/2016)

Spoilers Alert!!!

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Show Notes:

  • Been under the weather.
  • Saw season 2 of Grace and Frankie.
  • Saw Ex Machina.
  • Watching Love.
  • Season Finale of The Goldbergs.
  • Checking out Black Mirror finally.